WebBroker Action PathInfo requires the script name ?
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WebBroker Action PathInfo requires the script name ?

I'm writing a simple webbroker dll to be hosted under IIS (under WS2008/64). I'm running D2010 Enterprise on Win XP.

I have added several actions plus a default action which returns some basic info about the request:
  Response.Content := 'path: ' + Request.PathInfo;
  Response.Content := Response.Content + '<br/> url: ' + Request.URL;
  Response.Content := Response.Content + '<br/> query: ' + Request.Query;
Response.Content := Response.Content + '<br/> pathtranslated: ' + Request.PathTranslated;
  Response.Content := Response.Content + '<br/> script: ' + Request.ScriptName;
This shows the following output for a URL of "http://myservername/hl7engine.dll/HelloWorld":
path: /hl7engine.dll/HelloWorld
url: /hl7engine.dll
pathtranslated: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\hl7engine.dll\HelloWorld
script: /hl7engine.dll

My question: I would expect the URL to show the full URL and not just the scriptname. I also expect the PathInfo to show just the path after the scriptname.

Marco Cantu's excellent Mastering Delphi book shows this as an example:
and says the pathname is the portion of the ISAPI application's URL, which comes after the program name (and before the parameters) such as "path1" in the preceeding URL.

The only way I can get paths to route correctly and call the correct Action is by including the scriptname as a prefix in the Action's PathInfo property. E.g. "/hl7engine.dll/HelloWorld" calls the HelloWorld Action, "/HelloWorld" calls the default Action.

Is this a new bug in D2010 or have I configured something incorrectly ?
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