Ronnei Peterson Dantas da Luz
Re: IBQuery memory leak [Edit]

Re: IBQuery memory leak [Edit]

Ronnei Peterson Dantas da Luz wrote:
> Hello Jeff Overcash, I downloaded the update but it does not applied the fix already redid the installation 3 times, now I'm downloading an ISO that already contains the complete Update 1 to see if it solves the problem, post here the result after you finish installing this ISO .
> Thanks for Attention

I just double checked it, all fixes except for the one with IBBCDField (which is
a compiler bug workaround, but requires an interface breaking change so has to 
be delayed to the mobile release) are there. First thing I do with any patch is
diff my working tree against the source tree supplied to see if any fixes were 
missed, in this patch none were.

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