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Re: Replacement of TopGrid

Re: Replacement of TopGrid

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> Hi, Pat,
> I am glad to learn that you have successfully migrated Top Grid to XE3. That gives me some hope. I am wondering if you could share your experience of how you did it. So far, I am able to build it in XE2, but have encountered runtime errors. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> jwang

It was a long time ago, but as far as I remember, it was mostly a case of replacing string with Ansistring and PChar with PAnsiChar and then fixing up any problems (I seem to remember DrawText needed PWideChar). You also have to allow for a new variant type varUstring where you find varString in the code. Also you have to create yourself a new Grids_ts.pas based on the latest Grids.pas in Delphi (compare the old version you have with Grids.pas in the version of Delphi it ran under, then make the same chan
ges to the latest Grids.pas and save this as Grids_ts.pas.

I think that was basically it. Hope it helps, Pat
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