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Re: GLScene and Firemonkey

Re: GLScene and Firemonkey

> Can I use GLScene with Firemonkey? The website says I can, but I have
> not found any demo yet.

IIRC it's in the SVN, but since FireMonkey isn't a very "cooperative" 
UI, it's done by rendering to a back-buffer, and blitting the content in 
a FMX image, so it's not very efficient.

AFAIK it was mostly a prototype/experiment.
You might have better luck with the other approaches that allow mixing FMX with other stuff (Hydra, MonkeyMixer), though I've never tried them, and I don't know if they would work for an iPad app.
Given that FMX uses OpenGL on iOS & OSX, it should be possible to hack the FMX rendering context to have GLScene render there, but that would involve hacking (that might be broken by each FMX update), as FMX isn't facilitating that.
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