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Re: FireDAC custom driver development

Re: FireDAC custom driver development

> Is this kind of customization of FireDAC encouraged? Are there any examples existing? Is there any guideline or documentation for FireDAC driver development? > Is this a difficult task or achievable? What is the rough average estimate for engineer hours to develop a FireDAC driver ? (the back and data access is given)

FireDAC driver API is not documented. In any case it is a complex task,
which is ~ 2 months for develoment and ~2-4 months to make the driver
really stable.

Instead you should consider to use a custom mtier client, which will deliver data to the client and will populate TFDMemTable. Other option - consider to use new RAD Studio RESTfull API.
-- With best regards, Dmitry Arefiev / FireDAC Architect
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