Re: Importing functions with PWideChar params in v5.4.0
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Re: Importing functions with PWideChar params in v5.4.0

On 12/10/2010 9:03 PM, Paulo Fran?a Lacerda wrote:
> Today I tried to move some code excerpts from my Delphi library to Pascal 
> script and came across a limitation introduced with v5.4.0: no PChar or 
> PWideChar.

That's actually a limitation of the Unicode version of ROPS...

> Some Windows API prototypes require PWideChar params to be passed; such 
> param types cannot be just replaced by String. 
> Examples:
>      function SHGetFileInfo (
>        pszPath: PWideChar    <<<<------
>        dwFileAttributes: DWORD; 
>        var psfi: TSHFileInfo; 
>        cbFileInfo, 
>        uFlags: UINT): DWORD;

"String" should work fine there.

>      procedure SHChangeNotify (
>        wEventId: Integer; 
>        uFlags: UINT; 
>        dwItem1, dwItem2: Pointer);    <<<<------

And there too. Use '' if you need to pass nil.

-- Jordan Russell
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