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Re: BDE idapi32.cfg file - on Windows 7 - D2009
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Re: BDE idapi32.cfg file - on Windows 7 - D2009

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> Nice discussion i have to see here. Thanks for all

I see these posts are old, but hopefully someone will find the following of use:

I just installed Delphi XE over Delphi 7 on a Win7 (x64) machine, and had very similar problem; also had problems with the BDEAdmin.exe locking up whenever I'd try to load or save the BDE config file. After pounding away at it for about 6 hours, finally found the problem: The BDEAdmin.exe doesn't like path names that have a <SPACE> in them; it's that simple. So I solved the problem with the following:

(a) Create a path named C:\Users\Public\Data\BDE 

(b) Move the IDAPI32.CFG file from it's original location (on my machine, it was C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE) to the new directory.

(c) Using RegEdit.exe, search through the entire registry for the key CONFIGFILE01 (it appears about 6 times), and change it's value to C:\Users\Public\Data\BDE\IDAPI32.CFG

Most of my database files are Paradox, so there was one additional step:

(d) Run BDEAdmin.exe, and under Configuration/Drivers/Native/PARADOX, change the NET DIR entry to C:\Users\Public\Data\BDE

Works great now.
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