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APRO support

Until we can get this all sorted out...
Paul Breneman's site is still operational
(  In the Borland newsgroups he
has said: "For paid support, you can find my email address on the above

We're working on enhancing to provide more help, guidance, rantings, etc. We're holding off adding a message board thing there until we can get confirmation about Source Forge and their newsgroups. Currently, there are a bunch of FAQs available, the TurboPower Tech Tips will be moved there shortly as well as we continue to flesh it out. will be the homepage for APRO, APRO-CLX and APAX. (APAX will be included in the APRO project)
FYI, your existing APRO code will still work, and the manuals, help, examples, etc are still available on a hard drive near you. The whole APRO team is planning on continuing the APRO line in it's new incarnation.

-- Mike Welch God Bless America
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