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wrote on 19-Nov-2009:

I love the new Debugger Visualizer feature. Of the few existing visualizers, all have Delphi source code. Are they any examples to be available in C++? Is this possible?

   Jon Payne replied on 03-Sep-2010:


Just wanted to bump this thread - Can anyone provide a C++ example debug visualizer?
  I'd particularly like to write some for the STL containers vector and map. I started to trying to once but didn't get far...
     Moritz Beutel replied on 03-Sep-2010:

    Jon Payne wrote:

there are some exemplary visualizers in $(BDS)\source\Visualizers . I
    also made an AnsiString visualizer by modifying the std::string
    visualizer a little; you can find it here:
   Jon Payne replied on 03-Sep-2010:


Hi Moritz,
  Thanks. I was really after a C++ example - I've failed, so far, to do one in C++ using the available pascal examples as guidance.

Ah, that's a great shame. The visualizers aren't a patch on the MSVC ones :-( And it puts some of my colleagues off from using the STL understandably.
   Jon Payne replied on 05-Sep-2010:


     Remy Lebeau (TeamB) replied on 11-Sep-2010:

wrote in message news:‚úČ
Here is a C++ translation of the std::string visualizer from RAD Studio 2010
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