Error transferring internal Bitmap using BitBlt (TeCanvas.pas)

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wrote on 27-Jan-2012:

Hello Delphi developers,
h4. _Problem description_
If an alClient TChart component is placed on a wsMaximized Form and a Windows XP system is unlocked after it has been locked then the following error occurs:
+Error transferring internal Bitmap using BitBlt (C:\Builds\TpAddons\TeeChart\TeCanvas.pas, line 6316)+
h4. _Bug report_
   Uwe Schuster replied on 28-Jan-2012:

Anton Rooijakkers wrote:

Applying Delphi XE Update #1.
  Uwe Schuster | Hero of the Delphi 2010 FT
     Anton Rooijakkers replied on 28-Jan-2012:


I will give that a try.
    What would be the solved QC for that? I couldn't find it.
   Uwe Schuster replied on 29-Jan-2012:

Anton Rooijakkers wrote:

This is in QC as 88382, has been discussed too in Steema's forums and
  they could repeat it.
  Uwe Schuster | Hero of the Delphi 2010 FT
     Anton Rooijakkers replied on 30-Jan-2012:


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