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wrote on 23-Sep-2010:

I have seen similar posts to this but here is what I am seeing when I try to import a wsdl.

function NewSubmission(const SubmissionType: SubmissionType2; const ReferenceId: ReferenceId; const File_: File_): SubmissionId; stdcall;
Jean-Marie Babet replied on 24-Sep-2010:

Hello Dann,
  This warning is perfectly safe and has to do more with how WebServices
  standards have changed. Initially WebServices were rpc-oriented. So an
  operation and it parts mapped exactly to a method and parameters. And even
  though the format was XML the encoding use was not XML encoding: SOAP had
Dann Croghan replied on 24-Sep-2010:


Thank you for the detailed reply.
    I am still having problems though. If I try call any of the declared functions, I receieve errors like this. SOAP action specified on the message, '', does not match the HTTP SOAP Action, '

    Her eis the function I am calling
Jean-Marie Babet replied on 24-Sep-2010:

Hello Dann,

I assume 'Header' is a SOAP header, not a parameter [part] named 'Header'.
  If that's the case, Delphi SOAP does not expose SOAP headers in the
  parameter list. Instead you set the header first and then invoke the
  method/operation. That's because not all Services/WSDLs describe the headers
Dann Croghan replied on 25-Sep-2010:

  Thank you for your reply and all the time you have given to this problem.
  The header is listed as a parameter to each of the functions defined in the WSDL.
  I have been able to import the WSDL in Visual Studio and for both C# and VB, each function is called with the first parameter being "Header: MFETHeader". Now it could be that C# & VB both require that the header be passed to any WebService call. This may be how C# and VB handle the header information. You suggested deriving a new class from TSoapHeader. Maybe c# & VB justtry to help out by creating the class for you.
  My Credentials class needs 3 properties: user, password and Environment. is there anything special I need to do for Setting or getting these properties?
Jean-Marie Babet replied on 26-Sep-2010:

    I did not get to spend much time on this yesterday but I did import the
    WSDL. And indeed I saw the headers. Here's what I got:
Jean-Marie Babet replied on 26-Sep-2010:

  I just spent a few minutes on this and, yes, if I'm reading this WSDL
  correctly, indeed the Service requires WS-Addressing. The top level WSDLs
  contains not Policy elements but if you look at the other WSDL,, imported from
Jean-Marie Babet replied on 26-Sep-2010:

    I just confirmed that the request does also expect the ReplyTo with the
    default/anonymous URL from looking at the information posted here:
Dann Croghan replied on 26-Sep-2010:

Thanks again for the detailed response. That is just amazing.
  I will try your suggestions and post the results.
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