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wrote on 19-Apr-2012:

Can I use GLScene with Firemonkey? The website says I can, but I have
not found any demo yet.
Could anyone point me to a demo or give some instructions as to how this
can be done?
I am looking at using GLScene with FireMonkey for an iPad app.
Eric Grange replied on 20-Apr-2012:


IIRC it's in the SVN, but since FireMonkey isn't a very "cooperative"
  UI, it's done by rendering to a back-buffer, and blitting the content in
  a FMX image, so it's not very efficient.
  AFAIK it was mostly a prototype/experiment.
  You might have better luck with the other approaches that allow mixing
Sandeep Chandra replied on 23-Apr-2012:

Thanks for the reply Eric.
    I think I will now look at other alternatives.
    On 20/04/2012 7:42 p.m., Eric Grange wrote:
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