Charles Jensen
Re: IBQuery memory leak

Re: IBQuery memory leak

Charles Jensen wrote:
> I'm having a problem with memory leaks after updating (several) projects from XE2 to XE3.
> Clearly visible when ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown is enabled. => It seems to be related to using TIBQuery. 
> Could it be because memory is allocated with GetMem/ReAllocMem (in IBAlloc) and freed by "FreeRecordBuffer" by setting the pointer to nil?
> - Charles

Yes that is a leak.  change it to

procedure TIBCustomDataSet.FreeRecordBuffer(var Buffer: TRecordBuffer); begin    if Assigned(Buffer) then      ReallocMem(Buffer, 0); end;
and statically link IBCustomDataset.pas to your app (Might need IBQuery.pas too).

For most of XE3's beta TRecordBuffer at the db.pas level was defined as 
Array<byte> so was allocated with SetLength and deallocated with setting it to 
nil.  Very late in the beta it was switched back to a pointer and this line was 
missed (Actually someone on the dev team switched it back for me and I just 
verified changes, this didn't change cause they missed it so I didn't catch it 
either, still my fault).

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