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Getting Intimate with Your Newly Inherited Database

Rick Iannitelli – Embarcadero
CodeRage 4, 10-Sep-2009
Relevant to: All-Access

Current economic trends provide ample opportunity for firms to either acquire new IT assets or divest themselves of them. Therefore, DBAs will have newly acquired databases dropped in their laps, and asked (better said, told) to understand them and pick up the ongoing support. With the technology stack that Embarcadero provides through All-Access, DBAs can quickly and easily get an understanding of these newly inherited databases. Create visual representation of the database, capture and archive all database objects in order to mitigate the risk with ongoing development of the database, and even go as far as understand the resource utilization of these databases.

Creating Custom FireMonkey Controls with C++Builder XE3

Ray Konopka – Raize Software
CodeRage 7, 11-Dec-2012
Relevant to: C++Builder, RAD Studio

RAD Studio supports cross-platform user interface development with the FireMonkey framework. Like the VCL, FireMonkey is component-based, but unlike the VCL, FireMonkey is based around the concept of styles. As a result, creating custom FireMonkey controls is quite a bit different than create VCL controls. This session will provide you with what you need to get started building custom FireMonkey controls.

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