TEAMB Help... twebbrowser just doesnt work

TEAMB Help... twebbrowser just doesnt work

we are developing an internet application, that involves using the the IE 
Webbrowser through delphi.. it just DOESNT work.. still keep getting the access 
violation.. it has to be something in delphi4. 

 i wrote a real simple application, one that only has a command button that goes to (our home page) and the web browser window, nothing else. if it sits there for 10 minutes it just crashes with an access violation.. i tried the exact equivilent in visial; basic and it works fine.
 we cant figure this out, there have been several of us working on this bug for the last 3 weeks and we just cant get it to work..
  We have alot of man hours in this project, and we dont want to dump delphi for a microsoft language, but if we cant figure this out, we may have to.
 please help!
     --Karl         ✉
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Sat, 03 Dec 2022 22:35:02 UTC
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