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wrote on 05-Mar-1999:

we are developing an internet application, that involves using the the IE
Webbrowser through delphi.. it just DOESNT work.. still keep getting the access
violation.. it has to be something in delphi4.
i wrote a real simple application, one that only has a command button that
goes to (our home page) and the web browser window, nothing
Sue replied on 05-Mar-1999:

Hi Karl.
  I've posted a question similar to this one 3 times .... no answer. Either
  the group is not intelligent on this or simply ignoring me.
  We are planning on moving to VB because our error is when another window
  (our app is a MDI) moves on top of the IE one (access violation)...the move
O & J replied on 05-Mar-1999:

Try Netscape browser ? IE seems to introduce some incompatibilities with each
  successive version.
  Your Delphi API may works just fine with one and not at all with other.
  Juliusz ..
  Karl wrote:
Karl replied on 07-Mar-1999:

i am trying the netscape plug in now, but i cant get that to even come close
    to working, have you used it yourself? maybe im just doing something wrong.
    i do a regsvr32 on the mozilla control to register it, put that and all the
    dll's in one directory (with the path pointing to it),
    when i do a program, it just has a transparent window and locks up...
O & J replied on 07-Mar-1999:

Install Netscape navigator on your development system and make it primary
      It will take care about the registry problem ? if any.
      Try your program again.
      It is hard to tell what is going on without snap shot of your code
Karl replied on 07-Mar-1999:

i do have both installed. here is exactly what i did:
        1) i downloaded the latest builds of mozilla from (
        2) unzipped them to a directory, and added that directory to my path. rebooted.
        3) went to that directory, and "regsvr32 npmozctl.dll"
        4) started delphi4, created a new project.
Karl replied on 07-Mar-1999:

maybe i have another option, is there a way to start iexplore.exe so that it
        comes up without toolbars etc (so it looks like a regular window), and pass a
        url to it? maybe i can simulate what tbrowser is suppose to do, only not.
        im thinking i can start iexplore.exe with a shellexecuteex, and pass it
        parameters, hrab the handle and minipulate it like its a delphi window.
Stig Johansen replied on 07-Mar-1999:

  Here is a simple test program, I once made.
  I have had it running for over an hour, and everything seems to work, except
  the tab-key tabs inside an edit box instead of changing focus.
  This project is compiled with Delphi 3, patch #2 (3.02).
O & J replied on 08-Mar-1999:

          Delphi makes thinks simple?.
          There are more ways than one to skin a cat ?.
          Try this: (five minutes project)
          Install Netscape Navigator browser !
John McTaggart replied on 08-Mar-1999:

On 5 Mar 1999 22:06:01 GMT, ✉ (Karl) wrote:

You didn't include an example of how you're trying to start
  TWebBrowser, but here are a couple of things to try...
  Include ActiveX in your Uses clause and add the following at the end
  of your unit.
Karl replied on 08-Mar-1999:

tried all that.. apparently the problem is enhanced when using mdi windows.
    earlier in this thread, sue had the same problem with mdi and twebbrowser.
    its definatley something with the way delphi handles that microsoft control.
    we are now starting to convert the program over to visual basic (yuck),
    its really too bad but everything works even tabbing!, and it doesnt crash.
Andre Dedio replied on 09-Mar-1999:

Karl wrote:

My project is using a MDI parent with no crashes with the children forms being
      moved over other children. I think your problem may be in the WebBrowser component.
      I only ever used WebBrowser_V1. I know WebBrowser_V1 has less events then
      WebBrowser, but I've been able to work around most of them. Beside what does
36 replied on 09-Mar-1999:

Karl wrote:

Hi Karl,
      Turn-off animated GIFs in IE4 then try your app.
Karl replied on 09-Mar-1999:

we do have a fix for that tabbing, we found it on a newsgroup awhile back.
        i can repost the code if you want it.
        well after 1 day we took a big chunk out of converting it to VB, but we all
        hate doing it.
        I did try the _v1 today before we started converting, i thought of that too.
Andre Dedio replied on 10-Mar-1999:

Karl wrote:

Yes please.
Karl replied on 11-Mar-1999:

adding tabs to web browser (not 100% but it works)
            1) add activex to your uses.
            2) add
            FOleInPlaceActiveObject : IOleInPlaceActiveObject;
            procedure MyMessage(var Msg: TMsg; var Handled: Boolean);
mctarlie replied on 17-Mar-1999:

Karl wrote in message <7bpkg9$✉>...

The following message was recently posted by Martin Boegel in
  ....activex.controls.using newsgroup. Maybe it will help. Please let us know
  if it does!
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