Re: TEAMB Help... twebbrowser just doesnt work

Re: TEAMB Help... twebbrowser just doesnt work

Karl wrote in message <7bpkg9$✉>...
>we are developing an internet application, that involves using the the IE
>Webbrowser through delphi.. it just DOESNT work.. still keep getting the access
>violation.. it has to be something in delphi4.

The following message was recently posted by Martin Boegel in
....activex.controls.using newsgroup. Maybe it will help. Please let us know
if it does!

- Repost follows:
Hi everyone,
Alexei M Reatov <✉> found a bug in OleCtrls causing terrible memory leaks when working with the TWebBrowser-ActiveX component.
function TOleControl.GetIDispatchProp(Index: Integer): IDispatch; var   Temp: TVarData; begin   GetProperty(Index, Temp); // Result := IDispatch(Temp.VDispatch); ***** Change to:   Pointer(Result) := Temp.VDispatch; ***** This avoids the extra AddRef end;
Same applies to GetIUnknownProp().
By decending the TWebBrowser object from the attached TOleControlFix, the problem is solved in a packet-compatible way.
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